Saturday, May 22, 2010


On 22/5/10 , 31 pupils from Year 4- 6 accompanied by Pn. Ng and Mr. Zainul were in UCSI for a trial English lesson in conjunction of their Open Day.

Pupils from SK Cheras Indah were also there. After a short briefing, the pupils were brought to their classrooms .They learnt through games, songs , and etc.

At about 11.45a.m. , they had their lunch . After that, it was games time. They played ' Human Scrabble ' and Treasure Hunt '. Our pupils won both the games !

After a photo session , it was time to leave . The pupils enjoyed themselves and definitely learnt a lot .

The English Panel of the school would like to thank UCSI for their invitation and we are looking forward to working together again with them in the future .

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