Thursday, May 20, 2010


In question 2 for Paper 2 , there are two sections.

In 2a , you are supposed to read the advertisement / notice or any text given .

Then look at the words written in the table given. There are a few things that you need to be very careful.

- check if the words begin with capital or small letters.
- look out for puntuations such as commas , full stops, etc.
- ' RM ' must be writen correctly. ( The letter ' M ' must not look like a big ' m ' )

Once you are ready, transfer the information from the text to the table.

Make sure you do not make any mistakes as this section is the easiest to score.

After you have transfered the answers, check again and edit if necessary.

You will be awarded 15 marks if you get all the answers right.

Now look at the next section ( 2b )

- First, read the question to find out what is needed.

- Ask yourself who are you making the choice for . If you are choosing something for yourself, use ' I ' but if you are not, find out if the person is a male or a female. If the person is a female, use ' she ' but if the person is a male, use ' he ' . If there are more than a person, use ' they ' and if it is for you and someone , use ' we ' .

- Based on the points or facts given in the table, write good reasons for your choice.
- For each point, support it with a good reason.
For example ,

1. It is only RM30 . It is very cheap.
2. It is only RM30 which is the cheapest among the three.
3. It is only RM30. I think it is reasonable and affordable.

* The sentences in red are the points while the sentences in blue are the reasons.

- Only points with good reasons will be awarded marks.

* If you are not sure how to come out with good reasons, consult your teacher.

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