Sunday, February 12, 2012


Have you heard of Kidzania ? It is a new concept of education for children aged 4 - 14.
It is a very interesting programme where English is spoken throughout your time spent at the Kidzania City. You get to experience real life activities just like the adults. You can choose to be someone you have always wanted to be when you grow up. To find out more , look at the video below.

For your information, if you are a member of the English Club , you will have a chance to go there and experience it ! More details are as below :
Date : 26 May 2012
Time : 8a.m. - 4.00p.m.
Payment: RM60 ( Entrance + transport + food + souvenirs )

Submit your form with payment to your English teacher by 6/4/12.


  1. kidzania is the best i hope sksbu have delegation to kidzania
    hmmm i hope too .....

  2. Seems like a great programme from Kidzania. Wonder if we should host a trip there just for the kids to experience it during our Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore. Where is this anyway?

    1. It's in Mutiara Damansara . We had a lot of fun and you should bring your children there. btw, sorry for the late reply.