Monday, June 28, 2010

Charity Concert 2010 - Come and Join Us

This year, for the 1st time, the English and Music Panel of SKSBU supported by the PTA of the school will be having a concert at the end of the year. The aim of the concert is to provide a platform for pupils of SKSBU to show their talents and off course to promote English . We are also raising fund for a few enrichment projects which will benefit the pupils of SKSBU. We would also like to donate part of our collection to charity. Tickets will be sold and sponsorship is welcome. On the concert night, food will be sold too. All parents and pupils of SKSBU are invited to join us .

The details of the concert is as below :

Date : 2 October 2010

Time : 8 - 10p.m.

Venue : Seri Bintang Complex

Pupils who are interested to take part in the concert can see your English or Music teacher for more details.

Year 1 & 2 - Fashion Show ( Costumes of Book Characters )

Year 3 - Action Songs & Essemble ( School team & others who are interested )

Choral Speaking - school team

Modern Dance - members of the English Club & others who are interested.

Choir - School team

Short Play - Students of Speech & Drama Class

Solo & Duet ( Pupils who can sing well, please see Pn. Ching Ching for audition )

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